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Are you interested in hosting a shoe drive, becoming a H.U.G.S. Ambassador, or donating a pair of your shoes? Shoot us a message including your email and/ or preferred contact! 

If you have any any talents that you would like to use to help us in our mission to 'shoe the world' we would love to hear from you.


For all press related issues send us a message and we will reply back as soon as possible. 


Together, we can make a difference!


All donations can be mailed to 129 West Harbor Drive, Hendersonville, TN- we would love to have you join us on our mission to shoe the world!

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If you are interested in helping fund our walk towards a shoed world, checks and any other form of donation can be made to H.U.G.S. Inc., and mailed to the same address as the box left to this one. If you'd rather make an online donation click on the donate button!

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Donate and learn more about our latest initiative, the H.U.G.S. Forthward Home Orphanage, at

With you're help, these children WILL have a home!

Shoeless feet are at risk of diseases, debilitating injuries, painful parasites, and in the case of bare foot children, are not allowed an education. One simple trip to your closet can truly change a life! From the child who's feet are blistered by the sweltering African heat, and from the young lady who's bare feet ache from the daily walk to the water well. From the  small frostbitten toes we aid in Russia, to the young girl in the Appalachian Mountains who wants nothing more than to go to school. From the teenager who will continue to work tirelessly to assure one more soul has souls, who passionately believes that change is possible, and from all of us here at H.U.G.S.- Thank you, for helping us give shoes!

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